Introducing The Gabby Series



The Gabby's Series

Gabby is a sweet and energetic girl who wears red high top gym shoes in every book. She cares for those around her. Her stories help us explore the world through the eyes of a child who experiences contemporary issues, many of struggle. She plays, has fun, and climbs trees while she models how to be a friend, think of others first, speak up for herself, problem solve, and persevere. Through Gabby's perspective, parents are afforded the opportunity to engage their children about difficult subject matter. The rhyme provides a familiar cadence which comforts young listeners and is enjoyable for adults to read aloud.   

Each book provides educators, counselors, and parents a one page study guide for after reading aloud and offers potential next steps. 

Gabby's Friend Is Sad, Children dealing with divorce

Chad is Gabby's neighbor and friend. We discover Chad's parents are getting a divorce. This is Gabby's first time learning about the concept of divorce, and her first instinct is to comfort Chad when he shares his feelings. The book equips young readers with real-world tools to support their family or friends who are experiencing divorce. The author identified a need for literature that directly names and addresses potential difficulties that may arise with divorce. When My Friend Chad is Sad was read to students in a first grade classroom, many students felt safe to share their own difficult family situations.

Gabby Gets Teased, Bullying often begins with teasing

Willy is Gabby's schoolmate and friend. We learn Gabby is hurt when her friend Willy teases her red shoes. Gabby confronts Willy and explains how he made her feel. In Gabby Gets Teased, young readers learn you can hurt someone's feelings even if you don't mean to do it. The book also provides a model for restoration through apology, forgiveness, and a change in future behavior. It also distinguishes between teasing and bullying. 

Gabby's Friends Are Different, A celebration of cultural diversity

Gabby shares the similarities and differences between she and her friends. Each page offers children the opportunity to predict how the friends are the same. The use of prediction and a repeated pattern make this book fun to read. The author was inspired to write a book wherein the topic matter of race, culture, and heritage is directly addressed and celebrated.

Gabby Keeps Trying, Persevere in all that you do

The author witnessed a need in her classroom for children to learn that there are often feelings of discomfort when trying to learn something new. In Gabby Keeps Trying, Gabby serves as a role model to young readers in how to face those difficult feelings without giving up!