SHAME is a five letter word.

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Shame. Yep, it’s a five letter word for me...far worse than any “four letter word.”  What’s my current trigger? If I am being honest, I feel shame while I am on this writing journey and not yet published. It’s sometimes a battle in my mind to pursue this dream. Can you relate? Have you ever pursued a goal and heard the shaming voice that says, “Who do you think you are to go for this?” Or maybe, “You don’t really believe you will achieve this, do you?”

These thoughts are “lies” that can be hard to battle. But they only have power over us when we are acting as if we believe the lies. One lie that many of us fall for is that success only happens when we land at our destination, and I know that is not truth! How do I know? Because I have experienced firsthand how people have blessed me throughout their journey to their dream destination.

For example, I am inspired when collaborating with a teacher to improve student learning or their own instruction. The end goal of student improvement isn’t the only satisfying achievement. For a teacher, everyday steps toward the end goal can be gratifying as well. I am encouraged by others starting a new garden, degree, house project, weight loss program, vacation plan, or anything! It’s your courage and bravery that is noteworthy. Will I toast and celebrate your “destination?” Of course! But I am motivated by your fortitude while you dream and struggle.

So, let’s all remember to resist listening to the shame filled voice that keeps us from our dreams and instead let’s encourage each other to listen to the voice that is leading us in love. What’s your loving voice asking you to do? Rest? Build? Create? Restore? I’d love to hear about it!