NAME YOUR YEAR to aim your year!

Hello and Happy New Year Friends!

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I love the excitement that comes with the start of each new year: a blank page filled with promise.  For me, early mornings offer this same feeling of anticipation, much like the excitement before you jump off the low diving board. Well, New Year’s Eve is the high dive! Although I love the hope of New Year’s Eve, I don’t do resolutions.  Instead, for years I have selected a word to focus on for the coming year. There seems to be a growing trend of this practice, which I love. Some of my words have lasted for more than one year. The word wouldn’t release me.  Each word has had a positive impact on me, by bringing clarity to some area of my life. I focused on hope for two years when my circumstances were grim during my divorce.  As I have focused on a word, I have found myself reading literature through that lens and then journaling about it.  It has often led me to the next step in my journey. I share this with you in the hope that some of you might want to pause and consider selecting a word for yourself this year.  I recently asked a newcomer to my annual neighborhood New Year’s Eve party what his word could be for 2018.  I watched him pause, and then it seemed as if his word quite naturally floated to the surface, and he responded: “courage.” I saw in him, and have seen in many others, the same kind of response. It’s as if their hearts know deep down what is best for their minds to be exploring in the coming year.  This year my word is reforged. One reason for this focus is a desire to use what I have learned and to strengthen, rebuild and create something new.  So, dear friends, will you pause and listen to what your word could be? I would love to hear your word if you would like to share…