Help students “pop” (sound out) the first sound of a word

Teacher Tip: Here is what I saw…

1st grade students were sitting on the carpet. They were told the title of the book they were going to read and were asked to use their lips to find the first sound in the first word.  All read alouds for the week were lined up on the ledge of the white board located across the room. Nearly all students were excited to pop that sound because they wanted to be chosen to go across the room to get the read aloud. Then the teacher chose a student who needed the body break to walk across, practice the skill of finding the title with the first sound, and bring the book over to the group.

This tip was great on so many levels! 

1) All students were engaged practicing that first sound skill.

2) She embedded academic vocabulary with words like, “first,”  “sound,” and “title.”

3) She embedded BICS language with the words “across” and “on.”

4) She gave a student a body break!

5) She got students anticipating the read aloud!

Way to go teachers who embed simple and wonderful ideas into literacy instruction!